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  • Topsy, Twitter-influenced search engine based on retweets

    Topsy is a new search engine released last Tuesday, which uses Twitter retweets as basis for returns. The concept is simple. Type in a keyword and Topsy returns relevant links in order of how many times they've been retweeted.


    For example, I searched the term Twitter ebook and here's what returned:

    I'm pleased to see that my Twitter ebook returned well. (Perhaps has I used the term "secret" it would have done better. :->)

    You'll note the left-hand column contains date range options for all-time, month, week, day, and hour. The right-hand column lists top authors.Why is Topsy important? Two reasons:
    1. It represents a shift toward information provided in real-time, something Google has expressed great interest in. 
    2. It represents a shift toward a new "socialism." That is to say, the web archived and organized by its users and what we deem to be of importance.

    Here's a YouTube video where the founders introduce the site:

    Here's a blog post that explains the concept of retweets.

    Hat tip to Marketing Vox

  • Brian Solis unveils The Twitterverse at 140 Twitter conference

  • Short videos from 140 Twitter Conference

    I whipped out my trusty RCA Smallwonder during a couple of conversations at 140 | The Twitter Conference. The first is Diane Michlig talking about the three "mosts" of using Twitter.

    This one is of Warren Whitlock and Jen Jantsch, the daughter of Duct Tape Marketing's John Jantsch, discussing lead generation-style marketing (direct response) vs. "shared idea" marketing (social media) and the intersection of the two.

  • 140 | The Twitter Conference, day one recap

    The first day of the 140 Twitter conference was loaded! I met a number of people I've known for a while from Twitter: Warren Sukernek from Radian6, another Warren, Warren Whitlock, co-author of Twitter Revolution, and Pat Kitano, an old friend from my Blogging Systems days (and who has a new cool site,

    I also met some new friends, Diane Michlig, Jen Jantsch (John Jantsch's daughter), Simon Bisson and a few others whose Twitter handles I failed to get. (I'll try to do better tomorrow.) 

    I got to hang out with Robert Scoble and Brian Solis at the after party, which is always a treat. I have great respect for both of those guys.  

    One of the best things that happened, I was able to hook up with a friend from NOLA, Jessica Rohloff, who happens to be here for the NetSquared Global Conference being held in San Jose. It was totally serendipitous too. She happened to see my tweet about being here. 

    Funny that we live a mere two hours from each other, but have to travel across the country to actually get together. Kismet. It's always a treat to hang out with Jessica. 

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's sessions. Should be a blast. Steve Broback and his group know how to pull together great events. Even so, the best thing about conferences such as these are not the sessions, as good as they are. It's the networking, the conversations, the "iron sharpening iron" that goes on between and after. 

    PS: I want to thank Jessica for buying dinner and Warren Whitlock for a ride to the motel. My social media friends are the best!

  • 140 | The Twitter Conference… I’m going

    In 2005, I had the opportunity to sponsor the country's first conference on business blogging, Blog Business Summit. The conference organizer was Steve Broback, CEO, of Parnassus Group. It was a ground-breaking event.

    Tomorrow, I'm heading to Mountain View, CA for 140 | The Twitter Conference, which is, arguably, the first Twitter for business conference. I'm expecting it to be equally ground-breaking.

    If you're going, let's hook up.

    Oh, and if anyone would like it, I'm giving my Twitter for business ebook for free.