“Paul is one of those people who consistently provides answers to the most challenging problem businesses face when marketing online. When I met him, I was in a phase of my career where I was learning as much about business blogging as possible. It was from Paul that I learned the most.”

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Owner
Free Traffic Tips
Washington DC

“Paul Chaney is very knowledgeable in the area of business blogs, internet marketing, and social media. His extensive experience in the fields of relationship marketing and blog development has proven beneficial to any organization that seeks his expert advice. Friendly and helpful, Paul is an ethical individual who can be trusted to provide confidential and first class work for his clients and business associates.”

Wayne Hurlbert, President
Blog Business World
Winnipeg, Manitoba CA

“Paul is one of the most generously helpful and genuine people I have ever had the good fortune to work with. He is a consummate professional: knowledgeable, focused, results-oriented. He’s also an excellent networker who puts his contacts to good use for his clients and colleagues.”

Anita Campbell, CEO
Small Business Trends LLC
Cleveland, OH

“For practical insight and astute advice in all matters social commerce, no one comes close to Paul Chaney.”

Dr. Paul Marsden, Editor
Social Commerce Today

“Paul Chaney is an articulate and persuasive advocate for the blogging and new media industry. A well-established blogger in his own right, he has an enviable track record as author, speaker, trainer and business developer in the field. He has a big vision and is a great encourager of others.”

Des Walsh, Social Media Strategist
Des Walsh dot Com
Gold Coast, Australia

“Paul is one of the true visionaries of the world of blogs; and as impressive is his kindness and generosity.”

Toby Bloomberg, Owner
Bloomberg Marketing
Atlanta, GA

“Paul Chaney is one of the smartest blogging professionals on the net. I’ve known Paul for three years now and have come to regard him, and his work, as exemplary in the communications and blogging world. He’s a thought leader and a man who understands both the web and how people use it. His business ethics are among the strongest I’ve ever come across – which makes him someone I am very comfortable recommending to anyone in need of a communications or blogging professional.”

Yvonne DiVita, Owner
Windsor Media Enterprises, LLC
Rochester, NY

“Paul is a real visionary in the blogging sphere. As one of the people that I turn to with blogging business questions, he’s got the respect of his peers and the industry at large.”

Dana VanDen Heuvel, President
Marketing Savant
Green Bay, WI

“Plain & simple: Paul knows blogging and Paul knows people. He excels at developing collaborative relationships that create new revenue streams for clients and most importantly, enables them to generate new revenue streams from them. He’s not only a genuine pleasure to work with; he’s also proactive, energetic, smart, and professional. I highly recommend him!”

Mindy Hull, Marketing Executive
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Paul Chaney has been a business blogging pioneer for years, long before corporate blogs became a near-normal part of the marketing mix. Paul has enough of social networking, marketing, business and tech savvy to make him a real asset to any company that works with him.”

Lee Odden, CEO
TopRank Online Marketing
Minneapolis, MN

“If you are excited and challenged by the world of opportunities presented by Internet communication, and if you want to know everything you can about using the ‘net to promote and advance yourself or your organization’s services and products, you probably are very very, very frustrated. Why? Because the age of modern communication once again confirms the age-old adage that ‘the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.’

“By now you have joined legions of others who know that ‘change’ is what the Internet does best. Virtually as fast as the electrons that make it’s very miracles possible. So, here’s the best advice possible that will allow you to still remain excited and meet the Internet communication challenges of the future. Do what I did: Meet Paul Chaney!

“Paul is one of those persons-of-the-moment, someone who has the knack and skill to be ahead of the curve — w-a-y ahead. He not only knows what’s happening on the Worldwide Web, he also has the uncanny ability to know what’s GOING to happen! And, most importantly, he is a very articulate, educational and entertaining speaker who can tell his listeners how to position themselves to take advantage of the changes!

“I’ve been in one-on-one situations with Paul and also have been a single listener in a audience of hundreds. As a result of my experience, and the comments of those in the large groups, you are guaranteed to walk away with knowledge you didn’t have when you first sat down — valuable knowledge. The best kind, knowledge you can use INSTANTLY!

“Here’s another unique trait Paul possesses: If you hear him on one day and hear him again the next, you will hear something new and fresh because he will have spent the interim time period operating and responding to web logs (blogs), reading newly published books, scouring the Internet for new information, etc., and then use his special skills to interpret the impact the new information will have on individuals, companies or organizations.

“He’s a bundle of energy who can dig quickly into his vast storehouse of Internet knowledge and respond with clarity and bona fide expertise to ANY question asked. Most of the time, he also will go beyond the questioner’s parameters and offer additional information the questioner didn’t think to request — but would soon realize he also needed if he was going to successfully and effectively apply the opportunities presented by the Internet.

Yes, I am an unabashed fan of Paul Chaney. He never ceases to amaze me even though I, too, try hard every today to continue to go down new trails of communications, marketing and growth opportunities awaiting me on the wonderful world of the Internet.”

Dudley Lehew
Advertising Executive
Lehew and Associates