5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Needs to be More Social 1

This is a guest post from Alex Clifford, Content Marketing Executive at Virally, a company that empowers marketers to run hosted content marketing campaigns, make content more social, and gain deeper insights when their content goes viral.

Alex Clifford

Alex Clifford

The internet is an ocean. It’s full of people to catch and as a marketer, you’re the fisherman. Ads used to bait loads of customers into your net, but you now have to use better bait – content marketing. You’re producing blog articles, guides and videos to help bring them towards you. But how can you make your content marketing more effective?

Put on your overalls, start up the boat, and let’s head off on a voyage. Let me show you why your content marketing needs to be more social.

1. People aren’t on your website, they’re on Facebook

Your customers spend their time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, not your company website. You company website is unlikely to be a hub of traffic. So if your content doesn’t reach social networks it’s like fishing in an empty pond. You’re limiting your reach.

2. People trust their friends more than you

Fish swim in schools to thwart their predators. They trust each other. They’re likely to follow the moves of their friends if they’ve recommended something. Social networks are how your customers communicate with each other. It’s how say “the coast is clear”. If your content is recommended by their friends, they know they can trust your company.

3. Your content needs a viral reach

If you only promote your content on your site, it’s a drop in the ocean. Literally. It’ll go nowhere. Once you have social tools embedded into your content marketing campaign, people can pass it on. Then their friends can pass it on. Then their friends can pass it on. Suddenly your content can ‘go viral’.

4. Some of your contacts have more influence than others

The Codfathers. These are the people you need to be talking to. People listen when they speak. They’re trendsetters. They’re the fish at the front of the school. They lead. By having content which spreads via social networks, you can find the key influencers and talk to them directly, about issues among their school.

You can build relationships with these key influences to get more sales.

5. You need to nurture your leads

People will take your bait of great content. But how do you turn them into customers? You need to nurture them along. You need to feed them more and more great content, until you catch them as a customer. With your content spreading socially, you can continue to deliver valuable content. Then convert them.

Use social networks to catch more customers with your content

Content marketing is immensely powerful. You can win a lot of attention, leads and new customers with it. However if you want to catch more people, you need your content marketing to use social networks more.

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