Reinventing Myself Yet Again 12

metamorphosisEvery few years I have to reinvent myself, at least where my business is concerned.

For example, when I started doing online marketing in 1996 my focus was on web design, so I called myself a web designer. Later, I added email marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO to my skill set and adopted the title online marketer.

In 2004, having become enamored with blogging and its marketing potential, I became a business blog consultant. Then, in 2006, in an effort to stay current and relevant, changed my title to social media consultant.

The latter has served me well these past few years. Three books were written and I have been afforded speaking and training opportunities that took me all over the globe. But, social media has jumped the shark and social media consultants can be found under every bush. From a career standpoint, it’s become a red ocean.

From Service Provider to Product Producer

To be honest, what gets me excited these days is not consulting, but producing. I love journalism and blogging, and I love teaching. As such, I’ve decided it’s time to focus my efforts in those two areas.

Over the next few months, I’m going to transition away from consulting as a primary revenue driver and move to freelance writing, editing and digital content production. I’m doing some of that now through Social Commerce Today and Practical Ecommerce and am adding a few more clients as well.

I also plan to create my own content and offer it for sale here and through licensing agreements. As a result, my business model will change from being a service provider to becoming a digital content producer.

You can thank Sonia Simone and Brian Clark over at Copyblogger for that. (I’ve become a real devotee of their methods.) They’ve convinced me this is a business model that has long-term viability.

Watching my dear friend Denise Wakeman build this type of business has had an strong impact, as well. Oh, and some kudos belong to Tim Ferriss, the 4-Hour Work Week guy, who said it’s better to produce a product that can generate a constant stream of passive income than provide a service where one trades dollars for hours.

I believe it’s a truism that the only constant is change. The benefit to journalism is that it provides a rationale for staying on top of change as it happens. Being a teacher means that I can take what I learn about such changes and share that with others.

Change brings with it opportunity, and reinventing oneself in order to stay relevant is a good thing. Now, it’s time to do it yet again.

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