Paul Chaney is a knowledgeable, accomplished, articulate speaker who covers a number of topics related to Internet marketing, social media and business blogging.

He has spoken to groups as small as a dozen to as large as several hundred and to a wide range of audiences including small business owners, real estate agents and brokers, healthcare professionals, public relations, marketing and advertising executives.

Paul has presented to groups locally, nationally and around the globe, being chosen as one of two people to present the first business blogging conference ever held in Asia.

Whether you need a speaker for a hour or an entire day, Paul has presentations and workshops to suit any need. Fees are reasonable and negotiable. Contact Paul to setup a speaking engagement or to learn more.

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The Digital Handshake: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Even today’s most successful businesses are seeing shrinking returns on their advertising and marketing dollars. The Digital Handshake explains why advertising and marketing are losing their effectiveness and how to solve the problem using social media to corral elusive consumers. It explains the best practical business applications in current use and how you can use them to ramp up your business.

Using case studies gleaned from real businesses, author Paul Chaney shows you how companies both large and small can tap social media to mitigate market changes and reap valuable business benefit in the real world.

Participants will learn:

  • Why social media marketing is the wave of the future (and the NOW!)
  • How to use social media to increase word-of-mouth and new client referrals
  • How online conversations can lead to the building of long-term, trusted client relationships
  • Seven of the most commonly used social media tools for engaging customers

(Presentation is based on Paul’s book by the same title.)

The Complete Guide To Twitter For Business

Everyone is a-twitter about microblogging application Twitter. Questions run the gamut from “What is Twitter?” to “How do I use it for business?” Well, Paul Chaney wrote the book on using Twitter for business. Literally! It’s called “The Complete Guide to Using Twitter for Business” and in this powerful session you’ll learn how to:

  • Get started and set up your bio and avatar
  • Effectively market your business and generate tons of leads
  • Use Twitter to network with others in your industry or community
  • Stay connected to customers and prospects
  • Monitor what is being said about your company, products, services, industry and competition
  • Gather valuable feedback about products or services
  • Find answers and get advice
  • Offer proactive customer service
  • Promote events, products and services
  • Drive traffic to your Web site or blog
  • Share helpful content such as articles or blog posts
  • And more!

How To Harness The Power of Facebook To Explode Your Business

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. With over 200 million members and growing it has crossed into mainstream adoption and not just by teens and college students either. In fact, the fastest growing demographic in Facebook are those age 35 and older. Your audience is already there!

In this easy-to-follow session, Paul leads you to building your own powerful brand and leveraging your network to engage your prospects for profit. Just some of the things you’ll learn in this session are:

  • How to set up an effective personal and public profile ((formerly known as a Facebook Page)
  • How to set up groups
  • How to promote an event
  • How to effectively market your business and attract new clients
  • When it is or is not profitable to use a Facebook ad
  • The single-most costly mistake in social networking and how to avoid it

Plus! Everyone who attends this session receives Paul’s FREE REPORT “The 17 Things Your Competitors Hope you never find out about Facebook!”

The Eleven Immutable Laws Of Blogging

A Master Blog Coach, Paul is an accredited expert with almost a decade experience in business blogging. If you want to build a powerful brand on the web, then blogging can be a critical part of your overall strategy. Attend this session and walk away with a clear understanding of how you too can use your well strategized blog as a powerful marketing and communication tool to drive business. Just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Ten things to know before you blog
  • How to choose the blog platform that’s right for you
  • Seven easy blog copywriting techniques
  • 21 proven ways to market your blog to generate traffic and build community
  • How to find your blogging voice
  • How to make a blog your social media headquarters and drive business to your
  • company
  • How to use your blog to build your online reputation and advance your career
  • And more!

Real Estate Blogging

Taking its queue from Paul’s book Realty Blogging, this presentation deals with how Realtors can use blogs to build their personal brand, define themselves as neighborhood experts and generate leads.

Healthcare 2.0

A presentation specifically designed for healthcare marketing and public relations professionals. Paul outlines the ways social media has impacted the industry and what hospital systems and physician practices can do to respond.

Other topics Paul covers:

  • Building Blogger Relations
  • How to Change Negative Brand Perceptions
  • Intro to Social Media
  • Monitoring Your Online Reputation
  • The Lost Art of Listening


The Digital Handshake Workshop

This half or full-day workshop takes principles taught in The Digital Handshake presentation into much greater detail. Participants will learn:

  • Paul’s three-step method for creating a social media marketing strategy
  • How to use social media tools such as blogs, podcasts, RSS and social networks for marketing and business communication.
  • How to determine your social media marketing readiness and which tools are right for your company or organization
  • How to monitor and measure your online reputation
  • How to use social media to increase word-of-mouth and new client referrals
  • How online conversations can lead to the building of long-term, trusted client relationships

Business Blogging Bootcamp

A half or full-day workshop covering everything companies or organizations need to know about how to use blogs as a marketing communications tool. Topics include:

  • 10 things to do before you blog
  • 10 strategic benefits to business blogging
  • Choosing a blog platform
  • Blog writing styles
  • Establishing a blogging policy
  • Handling negative comments
  • Blog marketing

Healthcare 2.0 Workshop

A half or full-day workshop for healthcare professionals. Takes principles taught in the Healthcare 2.0 presentation into much greater detail. 


“That was simply outstanding. Thank you for doing a GREAT job. The feedback is quite possibly the best we have ever had.”

Darlene Lyons
Broker Agent Speakers Bureau

“Just to let you know, we received over 200 forms back and over 90% of our
guests rated the event and 8, 9 or a 10! You were certainly the star of the
show! You did a grand job for us with your keynote and it was my pleasure being
your host.”

Steve Klein, CEO
Marketing Breakthroughs

“Your Webinar was excellent! The information shared was so ‘spot-on’ and
a great introduction for those of us who have been late bloomers entering the
social media world.”

Shari Norris

“Thank you for speaking at our workshop. You were a BIG HIT with everyone
and even inspired me to write a book!”

Thomas Cook

“Thank you for your presentation at the IHA Annual Meeting. I think the
attendees got a lot of new information, and I know they enjoyed the presentation
as well.”

Scott McIntyre
Iowa Hospital Association

“Paul is wonderful! Charming, well spoken, knowledgeable…and that was
all before the webinar! Everyone was extremely pleased. Great responses.”

Ginger G. Bell, CEO

“Paul Chaney delivered an unbelievable presentation to the Lafayette Chamber’s
annual Building Community Conference this past weekend. I was fortunate enough
to be asked to introduce Paul and let me tell you, he absolutely blew the crowd
away. Paul had to leave immediately afterward, but I cannot tell you how many
people came up to me after the fact and said that he was the best speaker we
had all weekend. He busted his butt preparing for that presentation, and he
absolutely knocked it out of the park. Mark my words, Paul Chaney is going to
be a nationally recognized authority on social media.”

John Munsell, CEO
Bizzuka, Inc

“Thank you for your great presentation at NAR’s Marketing Forum. The forum
was a success thanks to you.”

Kim Chapin DiGangi
Marketing Manager
National Association of Realtors

“Thank you so much for helping us out on such late notice – and for the brilliant
job you did helping our members!”

Lisa Petrilli
Program Director
Marketing Executives Networking Group

“We greatly appreciate you presenting this webinar as we know your time
is valuable.  This was our most successful webinar by far.”

Carley Ste. Marie
Marketing Relations Specialist
The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

“Your presentation last Friday was a huge success. As a few mentioned to
me, ‘it was the best presentation of the year.’ Thank you so much for your enlightening
and thought provoking delivery, it was a great way to end the year.”

Cathi Pavy, Principal
BBR Creative

“Having Paul come and speak to our club was a great choice and I personally
feel very lucky to have had him.
After he left, several club members
stayed around to talk about ways they could use blogs in their own professions,
then yesterday I received two new blogs from a couple of my clients who attended.
Apparently they found his presentation extremely useful.

“It really says something when you see attendees leave a presentation and then go back to their office and immediately apply what they’ve learned.”

Oran Parker
O’Carroll Group

“Thanks so much for the fantastically fabulous presentation you gave at
today’s luncheon. I don’t recall the last time I saw our club so engaged. I
imagine your phone will be ringing off the hook from people wanting to learn
“Oh, and you’re really funny, too – an added bonus!”

Patricia Parks
Public Relations Specialist
Cox Acadiana

“Paul’s enthusiasm for new media and communications technology allowed me
to emphasize to members the importance of this growing area – even back when
we had to explain what blogs were before explaining why they would be important
in the future. He has been equally well received by executive and staff-level
employees in our meeting evaluations.”

Shawn Zender-Lea
VP of Communications
Mississippi Hospital Association

“I appreciate Paul’s down-to-earth, unpretentious approach. He is an engaging
speaker who provides useful information in ‘real people’ terms.” (See
from event)

Michelle Clement
Dir. of Communications and Public Relations
Louisiana Hospital Association

“My PRAL friends
and I were blown away by your presentation. I learned a lot, as I know others
did too. It’s nice to have an expert like yourself in our ‘backyard.’” (See

from event)

Stephen Loy, Vice President
Louisiana Technology Park