Hurricane Gustav meets Web 2.0; Louisiana needs social media game plan

I recall in September 2005 following Katrina’s landfall doing nothing but blogging about the storm and issues related to it for two solid weeks. I even started a blog to post about Katrina-related jobs. That was then, this is now.

Gustav brought with it many more options to keep friends and family updated about our status or for use in sharing news about disaster response.

Louisiana emergency preparedness sites still stuck on stupid Web 1.0

I was disappointed to see that none of Louisiana’s emergency sites
offered any type of social media tools. Not one! These include Gov. Jindal’s office, the state’s emergency site, Louisiana Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness,, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana Recovery Authority,, or the American Red Cross, Baton Rouge chapter.

There’s no excuse for this in my opinion, not when so many options abound. I mean, heavens, add RSS feeds at least. The Get a Game Plan site should absolutely offer these. It’s not like Gov. Jindal doesn’t know about social media tools either as he used a number of them during his campaign.

With hurricane season still heavy upon us, unfortunately there will
likely be
other opportunities for social media technologies to be utilized for
emergency response, news and status updates. I’m glad they exist, for
that reason and many others.

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