Personal branding, company branding: What some thought leaders have to say 3

There seems to be a meme going around regarding the idea of personal brand building that leads to corporate brand building. It’s of personal interest to me as that’s what I’m attempting to do at Bizzuka.

Here’s what some thought leaders have to say:

There are a number of questions being asked in these and other posts: Can you use personal branding as a marketing tactic to build the corporate brand? Can personal brand equity be transferred to the company? Or, is personal branding purely narcissistic? Further, what happens to the corporate brand when the person leaves? (i.e. Scoble/Microsoft, Charlene Li/Forrester)

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to opine.

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3 thoughts on “Personal branding, company branding: What some thought leaders have to say

  • Vikram Rajan

    No, no! I hate personal branding that is purely narcissistic. In fact, not only isn't it as "community-centric" as we should be… it also puts our "reputation-based" income in peril.
    Rather, the point of building a personal brand IS to leverage it into income-producing assets, e.g., intellectual property (Kiyosaki/Oprah/Stewart),
    or to "frost"/brand commodity [real estate] properties (Trump, Corcoran, Cochran),
    or build Mascot properties (e.g., Reddenbacher, GEICO, etc.).
    Many companies have legacy personal brands, again, like The Johnny Cochran Firm, and even Martha's firm grew while she was in The Big House (which I'm sure was a fun pun thrown around). Likewise, WWSWD is alive and well at Wal-mart. (Like WWJD, which is also another form of a personal brand gone institutional.)
    It is our responsibility to create systems, models, and narratives that leverage the (economic/rational, emotional, and spiritual) appeal of our personal brand.
    Hope my morning rambling helped!
    ~ Vikram

  • Kevin Dwinnell

    I'm not versed with using personal brands in support of corporate brands. But I found it interesting when young models used our product to continue to build their personal brand.
    Brand Thunder builds custom themes that allow mainstream marketers to maintain a persistent presence on the PC of the online user — a good value proposition for any brand marketer.
    Using this tool to help aspiring models build upon the organic popularity they've created across college co-ed sites and the social networks was not something I would have anticipated. But, it has proven valuable for them and is getting good results. (you can see the blog post about it at
    So, for the person who is trying to build their own brand and therefore their own career — I think this is essential. Every resume written is personal branding. The new media available simply creates exponentially larger opportunity.