Marketing Beyond BuzzwordsBuzz, Yes. Buzzwords, No.

You know all the marketing buzzwords: social media, content, inbound, big data, SEO, thought leadership, marketing automation, and (fill in the blank). At Chaney Marketing Group, we use them all (and more) but aren’t wed to any one. In our minds, these are tools…a means to an end, not the end themselves.

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Business Blogging Case Study

Bizzuka blogging case studyBizzuka, Louisiana’s largest web design and development company, turned to Chaney Marketing Group for help in crafting a content marketing strategy. The results of our efforts paid off in spades. The company has seen growth in organic search traffic by a phenomenal 1053 percent.

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Chaney Marketing Group clients
Clients Deserve Our Best!

Our clients range from small to medium-sized businesses, enterprises, non-profits, and ad agencies, and include industries such as Internet technology, industrial, healthcare and retail. They are the best, and we give each of them the attention to detail they deserve and highest level of service we have to offer.

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